Journalist FAQ

What journalist positions are available through Report for America?

Ten reporting positions will be available in early 2022 to cover the ag and water beat in the Mississippi River Basin. Corps members will be based at our 10 partner newsrooms. They will be trained and supported by seasoned reporters, experts with the Society of Environmental Journalists and the faculty and staff at the Missouri School of Journalism. They’ll have dedicated financial and technical resources to support their reporting, including annual in-person training workshops, access to our unique virtual database of sources, and input from our Community Advisory Board, which will allow them to dig deeper on critical issues and collaborate on stories of local, regional and national importance.

Journalists will apply for these 10 competitive positions through Report for America’s regular selection process. Learn more about how Report for America’s application on its website or contact RFA at

What are the Expert Journalist positions?

Experienced staffers who already cover agriculture, water and related issues in the Mississippi Basin, or who possess some other skill essential to the success of the Desk, can apply to be Expert Journalists. In this role, they’ll support the emerging reporters, help determine the editorial direction of the Desk, participate in training and strategy sessions, and lead special reporting projects. These existing journalists will report to their own newsrooms, work in partnership with the Editorial Director and receive grants of $5,000 per year, which could be used for salary support or reporting expenses. These senior reporters support the editorial mission of the project and provide more impact and reach for the stories.

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