Get Involved

There are three ways that newsrooms can participate in the Mississippi River Basin Ag & Water Desk project.

Host a Report for America Corps Member

Apply to add a new reporter to your newsroom specifically to cover agriculture and water issues. The journalists will report locally under the supervision of their host newsrooms and regularly collaborate with the Editorial Director on stories for the Ag & Water Desk. Report for America will provide half the reporter’s salary in the first year and a third in the second, plus professional support for increasing local philanthropy. The Ag & Water Desk will provide training, story grants of $1,000 per year, support for travel to conferences, and editorial support to the newsrooms and journalists. It’s a great way to get more boots on the ground while building local philanthropy. Learn more about the Report for America  application process.

Host an Expert Journalist

Nominate an experienced staffer in your newsroom to be an Expert Journalist. These leaders will help mentor the younger reporters, give advice on the editorial direction of the Desk, participate in training and strategy sessions, and lead special reporting projects for the Desk. They will report to their own newsrooms and work in partnership with the Editorial Director. They will be provided with $5,000 per year, which can be used for salary stipends or support for reporting projects. Outlets hosting these journalists will get free training and support for their Expert Journalist, recognition and partnerships across the region, and greater resources and reach for the stories they do. Note: Outlets can host Report for America corps members and/or Expert Journalists separately or together; one position is not tied to the other. Contact the Desk for an application.

Join our Distribution Network

The Desk plans to recruit additional outlets to participate in our distribution network. This entails getting free, high-quality content on ag and water issues. Contact the Desk to learn more.